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Co-Founder Kat Logan at the Buttercream Bakery HQ.

Co-Founder Kat Logan at the Buttercream Bakery HQ.

Established in 2009, Buttercream Bakery has been obsessed with bringing Sydney a unique collection of buttercream creations for all occasions and events.

Co-Founder Kat Logan’s impressionist style and contemporary colour palettes has set the trend for the new wave of cake designs and was awarded Buttercream Artist of the Year by her peers at Australian Cake Artists and Decorators Association (ACADA) awards in 2018.

Family Owned and operated, what started as a simple hobby between brother and sister duo, has evolved into a pursuit to be one of Sydney’s leading cake bakeries. Generations of recipes and techniques combined with a love of design and art, has set them apart from the traditional bakeries and forged their own style.

Buttercream Bakery’s signature hand painted cakes are influenced by the masters of the impressionist era making each cake an individual work of art.

Listen here as Kat Logan details the Buttercream bakery backstory on the Fair Fax Bold Business Podcast. Click here to listen.


Recently featured in Vogue Bride, Harpers Bazaar, Modern Wedding magazine, Urban List, Good Food magazine, Sunday telegraph, Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, Sydney Weekender, Vodafone, Sitchu and host of other blogs.

The Crew. The Motto.

The Crew. The Motto.




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